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User development, database management, individual construction software – these are just some of the topics that our interns get a taste of.

Whether you’d like to complete your internship during school, before your studies or during your studies – S&P SCS welcomes you.
What does a database look like? How do I calculate different fixtures of fastening products? What is Delphi? Here you will find all information you need for your internship.

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Anyone: pupils, students, graduates – anyone can learn something with us. Prerequisite: Learning with fun, interest in programming and in the building industry.

Please apply with note in advance, as we need time to prepare your internship. As early as possible would be desirable, but at least 4 weeks in advance is required. Of course, you are welcome to contact us if there are any problems.

Simply apply via our Job Portal.

Your contact details, why you would like to do an internship with us, and your current school report.

Please address your cover letter to:

S&P Software Consulting + Solutions GmbH
Dr. Mirko Neumann
Rathenaustr. 54
04179 Leipzig

No, we do not offer any kind of payment for an internship. If you are interested in a dual study program, we are also the right contact for you.

That depends on your requirements. On average, an internship with us is about 6 weeks.