Fastening Technology

For many years, we have been developing a specialized anchor design software for our customer Würth. This software can be used for the dimensioning of mechanical and chemical products.

Because of its variety of dimensioning methods, our software can be utilized in Europe, North Amerika and Australia. In addition to normal design situations, fire loads, seismic actions, and fatigue-related loads can be considered.

Our dimensioning software supports the dimensioning of a post-installed reinforcement connection. A variety of application cases are provided; among others fire load cases.

Adhesive Reinforcment

A new field of application is the retrofitting of existing structures.

With the Relast reinforcement system, the lateral load-bearing capacity of structures can be increased during utilization. Application cases are e.g., existing bridge structures, but also beams or slabs in the context of change of use.

Timber Joint Technology

We also offer our extensive knowledge for structural timber engineering in order to implement the requirements of European dimensioning procedures, approvals and assessments in a simple and user-friendly software. The results are applications that support the user from the design of different applications to the ordering of the fasteners.

Mounting Rail Technology

Our software supports building engineers in the planning, dimensioning and verification of systems for the installation and support of pipelines, cable trays, ventilation ducts and the like. The direct integration of anchor design saves planners from manual and repetitive modeling of the application case in WAD.

Lightweight Metal Constructions

After selecting the type of load-bearing system as well as the wind and snow loads, the load-bearing elements and their fastenings are designed. Suitable bolts from Würth’s comprehensive portfolio are suggested and verified depending on the profiles used.