fischer WOOD-FIX

Our software is designed to speed up the calculation process of installations using fischer screws, such as the fastening of on-roof insulation systems and the design of junctions in structural timber engineering.

The design is also carried out according to European Technical Approval (ETA) on the basis of Eurocodes 1 and 5 with the respective national application documents.

One module can be used for dimensioning the fastenings of on-roof insulation systems with fischer screws for different roof shapes and when using compression-resistant insulation materials.

The correct wind and snow load zones are either determined automatically via zip code or can be entered directly.

Other modules include:

  • Main and secondary beam connections
  • Support reinforcements
  • Doubling up / girder reinforcements
  • Transverse tension restraints
  • General connection (wood-wood / sheet steel-wood)
  • Notching
  • Breakthrough
  • Beam head renovation as well as tension shear connection

The design of the connection or reinforcement can be carried out with fischer Power-Full full threaded screws.

Our latest module general screw connection uses fischer Power-Fast and fischer Power-Full screws for dimensioning general connections.