Reinforced Concrete Constructions

With many years of experience working with customers and engineers in the construction industry, we know that product-specific and detailed solutions often have to be measured using considerable effort based on the changing state of the art. For this, we develop specific solutions suitable for engineers, e.g., for subsequent reinforcement of buildings, punching through or assembly fastenings.

Punch Through

Punching through is a special problem when calculating solid ceilings on supports and walls. Standards EC2, SIA2013 or ACI 318 offer different solutions in detail. Additionally, there are several manufacturer-specific features or reports. When it comes to punching through, there are competitors that ultimately differ in terms of which features are mapped and in what detail. With its calculation of element slabs or steel mushrooms, S&P’s software is a technological pioneer.

Subsequent Reinforcement Conncetion

Subsequent reinforcement connection is a frequently used element for connecting solid components with new structural components. In order to implement this procedure, various manufacturers offer products and approvals. While the actual calculation is fairly straightforward, the challenge presented here is to optimize the connection. Reducing the number of boreholes required as well as their borehole depth is crucial for the cost-effectiveness of the connections.

Adhesive Reinforcement

Adhesive reinforcement with FRP slats is a procedure that requires considerable technological know-how. The calculation up to the consideration of creep and shrinkage requires an intensive and detailed examination of the evidence to be provided.

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