Mounting Rail Technology

We create solutions for engineers and technicians for the planning, dimensioning, and verification of mounting rail systems with different loads and under different circumstances. By including design software for fastening technology, the seamless integration of suitable anchor products into the design process is made possible.

Prefabricated Consoles

Prefabricated consoles are a popular element when it comes to planning technical systems. We support the user by visualizing their specific application. An extensive pipe database helps to verify requirements for geometric collisions and to easily define load assumptions. The software automatically verifies a large number of load cases, calculates brackets on compensation profiles and, thanks to our integrated rod FEM verifications, documents the load-bearing capacity and suitability for use.

Composite Systems

A type of modular system can be used to design almost any composite system. Different bar profiles can be arranged into a wide variety of systems using a selection of suitable connectors. Ceiling suspensions are just as possible as wall or floor constructions, as well as other combinations. The software automatically carries out all necessary verifications in the load-bearing and serviceability states. Pipes and cable routes can thus be arranged in a variety of ways. In another step, the frame systems can be connected to the adjoining solid components through the verification of the fasteners/dowels.

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