Timber Joint Technology

With our user-friendly software for timber constructions, engineers are equipped with an unbeatable tool: our software includes everything they need in order to implement the requirements of the European design procedures, approvals and evaluations. The results are applications that support users from the design of different application cases to the final order of the connecting parts.


For timber constructions, many different kinds of materials can be used to connect certain pieces and parts. Because of their easy installation, carpenter-like connections such as dovetail and tenon are being chosen more often using the proper construction screws. Calculation modules for main / secondary beam connections, tension shear connections, and prefabricated constructions are available, as are modules for dimensioning beam heads in need of renovation.


Wood construction screws can be used in areas where there is a risk of transverse pulling (notches, openings, reinforcements in transverse pulling) and in areas with specific requirements with regard to transverse pressure (reinforcement of supports). In the event of changed usage requirements for living room ceilings, appropriate connecting means can also be used for double beams, rafter reinforcements and side beam reinforcements.

Composite Systems

All-in-one systems, such as rafter insulation on roofs and facades and wood-concrete composite structures, are normally regulated by specific approvals. Software-based optimization of the spacing between fasteners is practically indispensable in order to be able to offer appropriate design proposals. The process of multiple dimensioning determines the most economical results in just a few seconds.

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